How to Replace the Key for a Travel Trailer

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You're at your favorite campsite, enjoying a campfire and barbecue. You need to get something in your travel trailer and realize you're locked out. What a way to put a damper on all the fun. Your frustration boils over. The camping experience is ruined and now you have to replace the key for your travel trailer.

Items you will need

  • Lock key code

  • Key blanks

Contact roadside service. Many services such as AAA or services through your car insurance company have the ability to make keys on site.

Contact a locksmith. Locksmiths can make replacement keys at the site where you are stranded with your travel trailer.

Order key blanks from TriMark Locks based on your key code. Have the keys cut locally at a hardware store if your RV dealer does not carry the key blanks that you need.

Call your RV dealer to have new locks installed if no key blanks are available for your key code or if you key code is no longer visible.


  • Make multiple copies of your new key to make sure you always have an emergency backup. There are key codes in the travel trailer owner's manual. Copy these numbers and make sure to keep them in a place that is easily accessible.