How to Repel Otters

How to Repel Otters

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Okay, this information clearly isn’t going to be for everyone. For example, if you live in a high-rise in the city, you are unlikely to have an otter problem. On the other hand, if you live near a fresh-water stream, you might find the pesky little things in your trash and in your garden. Maybe they're feasting on the fish in your ornamental pond. When you want to get rid of otters, try not to hurt them physically, despite the fact that they’re driving you crazy. Remember, otters are cute and playful, even when they’re eating your lettuce.

Items you will need

  • Commercial repellent

  • Citronella oil

  • Netting

  • Radio

Use a commercial repellent like “Critter Ridder” by Yardiac to keep otters out of your garden. This particular product has pepper oils in it and the company promises that a single application will keep creatures from digging and foraging for up to 30 days.

Make your own repellent. People in the country swear that Listerine mouthwash will keep mosquitoes and other insects from biting and it may just work on otters as well. Try spraying it on the ground under your plants, or wherever the otters are causing the most havoc. Or make a citronella spray. Dogs really don't like citronella and it could be that otters won’t like it any better. To make the spray, add a few drops of citronella essential oil to a cup of water; pour the mixture in a spray bottle and spray.

Use nets to keep otters out of your garden. Some fish farmers in Britain put in place a system of nets to keep otters from eating them out of house and home.

Make some noise. You can install a radio in the garden with a motion sensor that will turn it on when the otters come by. Select a station that won’t appeal to otter sensibilities. If you’re more into crashes and bangs, look into a zon gun. You hook this device up to propane and every now and again, it goes “bang” almost like a real gun. No harm done but it makes a big, scary noise. It’s not your best choice if you have neighbors.


  • Try not to hurt the otters; they're just doing what otters do.
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