How to Break Down a Bersa .380

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The Bersa Thunder .380 is a small, lightweight, semi-automatic pistol that is manufactured in Argentina. In the United States, Eagle Imports, Inc. is the sole representative and distributor of the Bersa brand. The Thunder .380 is the best-selling of all the Bersa models and is known for its accuracy and quality. The Bersa Thunder .380 is easy to shoot, and its simple design means it is also easy to break down so that it can be cleaned.

Step 1

Remove the magazine by pressing the button on the left side of your .380 Bersa‘s hand grip. The magazine should unlatch and slip out easily.

Step 2

Clear the chamber, making absolutely sure the gun is completely unloaded. Never assume a firearm is unloaded without double-checking.

Step 3

Hold your .380 Bersa in your shooting hand, as if you were about to fire it.

Step 4

Grasp the slide with your free hand, gripping the grooved part at the rear of the piece. Pull it back until it stops.

Step 5

Press the disassembly bar, on the right side of the gun, near the trigger guard. Pull the slide back until it reaches another stop. Lift the slide and pull it out.

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