How to Disassemble a Davis P-380

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The Davis Firearms P-380 is a small handgun of the type commonly known as "Saturday Night Specials." The company has gone out of business, but if you have a P-380 you'll need to break it down for cleaning and repair. Like most Saturday Night Specials, it is relatively simple to field-strip the P-380

    Eject the magazine from the P-380 and pull back the slide action to remove any rounds that may have been chambered. This should always be your first step when working with any firearm.

    Use the butt-end of a pen or other tool to depress the small button on the back of the pistol.

    Keep the button pressed in and pull back on the slide action, then lift the slide action up and off the frame. Be careful when doing this, as the button is under spring pressure and may come loose and pop out when you lift the slide off of the frame.

    Remove the recoil spring assembly from the slide and set aside.

    The P-380 is now disassembled.

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