How to Repair Nylon Mesh

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Nylon mesh is a lightweight, porous material that is commonly associated with screens in tents and campers but is also used in many other items, including laundry bags, birdcage covers and beekeeping veils. Although nylon mesh is durable, it can become punctured and torn. As nylon mesh is intended to function as a screen or filter, a hole usually ends up letting in that which is unwanted. Bugs coming in through a tent screen, for example, or bees entering through a beekeeping veil can both end up in unfortunate bites and stings. Repair your nylon mesh with an adhesive-backed nylon mesh patch. Nylon mesh or mesh screen patch kits are widely available from camping suppliers. Strengthen and ensure that the patch will last a long time by also sewing it with nylon thread.

Items you will need

  • Scissors

  • Nylon mesh screen patch kit

  • Needle

  • Nylon thread

Step 1

Cut a piece of an adhesive-backed nylon patch so that the edges extend 1 1/2 inches to 2 inches around the tear. Round the corners.

Step 2

Make sure the area to be patched is flat. Hold the tear closed, remove the adhesive backing from the patch, and smooth on the patch. Press down firmly over the entire patch. For a taut tent or camper window screen you can have someone hold a book on the other side of the screen in order to provide a flat surface while you apply the patch or press down. Place the patch on the inside of a tent or camper screen to preserve the exterior appearance.

Step 3

Use a needle and nylon thread to sew both around the seam of the patch and along the tear. Most patch kits come with a needle and thread. Knot your thread to the fabric and weave the needle in and out using small stitches to bind all seams.


  • Keep a patch kit with you whenever you camping so you can equipped to repair any sudden tears.


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