How to Repair a Jayco Tent Trailer Lift

How to Repair a Jayco Tent Trailer Lift

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Jayco tent trailers use a winch and cable system to erect the trailer. The system is durable but after time the cable, pulley and other important parts may become damaged. Jayco tent trailer lift systems do not require any maintenance and most of the parts are easy to access and can be repaired at home. Many lift systems require regular maintenance and lubrication and are very difficult to repair but Jayco is user friendly. You will need a few basic tools and one or two days to complete the repairs.

Items you will need

  • Wheel blocks

  • Pliers

  • Socket wrench

  • Crescent wrench

  • Screw driver

  • New cable

  • Pulleys

  • Push rod

Park the camper on flat ground and place blocks under the wheels. Crank the winch handle to attempt to raise the roof. If the winch is not functional, you will need several people to help raise the roof. Support the roof with 2-by-4 lumber on each corner.

Crank the winch handle to feel for any tension. If the winch is free spinning, continue to crank the handle until the broken cable is exposed. Remove the center bolt from the winch and use pliers to pull away the cable. Remove all of the damaged cable from the winch.

Enter the camper and remove the screws that hold the wall panels to each corner of the trailer. Removing the panels will expose the push rods, pulleys and the main cable. Remove all of the cable if it is broken in any section. Replace the cable by feeding it around the pulleys and into the winch.

Check the pulleys for damage. Broken pulleys will cause the cable to jam and the lift will not operate. Remove the bolts that hold the broken pulleys using a socket wrench. Obtain a new pulley from Jayco and install it using the original bolts.

Inspect the push rods for damage. The push rods are generally very sturdy and will not become damaged unless there is a collision. Look for bent rods and replace the rods by unbolting them from the roof with a socket wrench. Use a crescent wrench to remove the lock nut from the bottom of the rod and pull the rod out of the sleeve. The new rod must be ordered from Jayco. Install the new rod by inserting the larger diameter end into the sleeve on the bottom corner of the trailer. Use a crescent wrench to replace the lock nut and use a socket wrench to bolt the top of the rod to the inside of the roof.

Use a screw driver to replace the interior panels. Use the winch to tighten the cable and test the lift several times before taking it camping.


  • The entire cable must be replaced. Attempting to splice the cable can cause it to hang on the pulleys and jam the winch.


  • Inspect the lift system for damage on an annual basis. Look for fraying in the cable and pulleys that are bending. Replace the parts early to prevent losing the lift on a camping trip.
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