How to Fix the Lift System on a Viking Pop-Up Trailer

How to Fix the Lift System on a Viking Pop-Up Trailer

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Viking pop-up trailers are very popular in the camping community. The lift systems are simply designed, but they will fail after years of use or if not properly maintained. The majority of Viking campers use a Goshen-style lift. This system uses a cable on pulleys to raise the camper on springs. Some of the trailers have the option to use the lift automatically, while some use the basic crank handle.

Items you will need

  • Pliers

  • Grease gun

  • Grease

Step 1

Check the entire lift system for objects that may prevent it from functioning properly. The cable is especially susceptible to becoming jammed with objects from previous camping trips and travel. Remove any objects with pliers.

Step 2

Attempt to crank the handle to raise the lift. If the cable does not have any resistance, it is broken and must be replaced with a new cable.

Step 3

Access the undercarriage of the trailer. Remove the main tube that runs the length of the trailer. Check the cable for jams. Check the pulleys for damage. Replace any damaged pulleys. The lift will not function with a damaged pulley.

Step 4

Remove the four small tubes that branch off the main tube. Check the springs for damage. Damaged springs are either twisted or they do not have tension. Replace any damaged springs.

Step 5

Replace all of the tubes and use a grease gun to fill the two grease fittings on the main tube and the grease fitting on each spring tube.

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