How to Repair a Coleman Air Mattress

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Air mattresses are very useful items. Not only do they make camping outdoors more comfortable, but air mattresses are also great to use indoors for extra house guests. They are constructed of thick plastic with reinforced seams to provide years of use. The Coleman air mattress is especially durable because it is made specifically for outdoor use. However, even the most well-made air mattresses can develop a hole at some point. But you can very easily repair the leak and enjoy the air mattress for many years to come.

Items you will need

  • Water

  • Liquid soap

  • Dry erase marker

  • Super glue or strong adhesive

  • Patch repair kit

Locate the hole in the air mattress by looking for obvious tears or rips in the material. To locate smaller leaks, which may not be as obvious, mix 2 tablespoons of liquid soap in 1 gallon of water. Shake the mixture to create bubbles. Blow up the air mattress fully and then spread the soap mixture on the air mattress. You will see tiny bubbles form in the location of the air leaks. Dry off the leak area and mark it with a dry erase marker.

Deflate the air mattress completely and lay it flat on the ground with the leak area facing up.

Place a drop or two of super glue or other strong adhesive over a small hole and allow it to completely dry. Another option is to use a glue designed for white water raft repairs. This type of glue is available at stores that sell camping and outdoor equipment.

Use a patch repair kit to seal a larger tear or rip in the material. Patch repair kits consist of a small square patch in the same color and fabric as the air mattress, along with a tube of glue. If you are unable to locate the patch repair kit that came with your air mattress, purchase a waterbed patch kit at any store that sells waterbed supplies. Cut the patch to a size that covers the hole in the air mattress, then attach the patch with the glue provided.

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