How to Pack & Ship Sunglasses

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There are times when it is necessary to ship sunglasses through regular mail or specialized delivery. A return to the manufacturer for repair or to someone as a gift are two situations that involve shipping. The fragile nature of sunglasses requires that special care be taken to properly wrap and pack them so they arrive undamaged. Basic packing supplies are used to prepare the sunglasses for shipment.

Items you will need

  • Sunglasses protective cloth bag

  • Sunglasses case

  • Sock

  • Bubble wrap

  • Small shipping box

  • Packing peanuts

  • Packing tape

Step 1

Insert the sunglasses in the protective cloth sack in which they came, and then in the case provided by the manufacturer. Use the sack and case if they're provided. Otherwise, insert the sunglasses in a clean sock to protect the lenses.

Step 2

Wrap the encased sunglasses with bubble wrap. Create several layers of bubble wrap around the sunglasses for padding. Tape the bubble wrap with packing tape.

Step 3

Assemble a small shipping box. Follow the directions on the box to fold it into shape. Secure the box with packing tape and leave one end open.

Step 4

Place the wrapped sunglasses in the box and check for excess space. Remove the sunglasses, add packing peanuts or extra bubble wrap to take up space and place the sunglasses back in the box.

Step 5

Add more peanuts or bubble wrap on top of the wrapped sunglasses for protection and seal the box securely with packing tape.


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