How to Remove a Helmet Visor

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While a bike helmet visor can help to keep sun out of your eyes, it's not ideal for every cyclist. Taking the visor off is a simple task that can be done without any tools. Try the helmet with and without the visor to find what is most comfortable for you. Then adjust it accordingly and enjoy the best performance on your next bike ride.

Removing the Visor

Step 1

Hold the helmet level or place it on a table or other surface with the top of the helmet facing up.

Step 2

Grab one side of the visor and gently pull outward until the side of the visor unlocks from the helmet.

Step 3

Remove the other side of the visor from the helmet by gently pulling it out until it unlocks.

Step 4

Gently pull the visor off the helmet, carefully removing any other visor tabs from the helmet.

Reinstalling the Visor

Step 1

Find the holes on either side of the helmet.

Step 2

Center the visor over the front of the helmet and slide it back.

Step 3

Snap the clip on each side of the visor into the accompanying hole on the helmet.

Step 4

Snap any clips on the front of the visor into the front of the helmet.


  • According to Bell, do not remove the visor by pulling forward on the center. This will damage the helmet and visor.


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