How to Put Up a Wenzel Tent

How to Put Up a Wenzel Tent

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Wenzel is a camp and outdoor company that manufacturers sleeping bags, mats, flashlights, and tents. Wenzel tents come in many shapes and sizes depending on their intended use. Large, airy tents are for family car camping trips. Smaller dome tents are multifunctional. Wenzel also makes a 1-person backpacking tent. Putting up a Wenzel tent will depend on the model but these general guidelines should apply to most tents.

Unpack and spread out the tent on flat, even ground. Pull out the fiberglass tent poles and assemble. The two longest poles are the tent poles.

Run the tent poles through the tent pole sleeves that diagonal to each other on top of the tent. The poles cross at the center of the tent.

Put the ferrule (hollow metal end) at the end of the tent pole over the metal pin at the back corner of the tent. Repeat with the other tent pole.

Lift up the tent and gently bend the pole and attach the ferrule to the other metal pin on the front corner of the tent. Repeat on the other pole. The tent should now stand erect.

Clip the plastic hooks all along the tent to the tent poles.

Unfold the tent fly and place over the tent. Align the awning with the tent's front door. Wrap the Velcro straps attached to the fly around the tent poles to secure.

Insert the fly poles into the sleeves. Flex gently and insert the end into the metal grommet on the other side.

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