How to Register for a Bass Pro Shop Hunter Safety Class

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Bass Pro Shops puts on hunter education classes throughout the year with the help of area game wardens and law enforcement. Registration for the sessions is done either through your local retail location or online, depending on the particular class. Many states across the country require that you take a safety class and pass a test before applying for a hunting license.

Find a Hunter Safety Class

Bass Pro Shops are primarily located on the east coast and throughout the Midwest, so, if you live near a Bass Pro Shops location in one of these areas of the country, taking advantage of their education programs for hunting and fishing is easy. You can find the safety classes that are being offered in your area by visiting or calling your local Bass Pro Shops retail location or by checking the store’s website. Each store has its own designated website, which lists current and upcoming events and classes.

Register for a Class

Timing is key. Once you've found a hunter safety class, check with the store to see if the session is still accepting students. The classes held in locations near popular hunting areas can sell out fairly quickly. If the class is still open, read the description to determine if the registration should be completed through Bass Pro Shops or with another partnering organization. The registration method can vary by class and location. Signing up through Bass Pro Shops usually takes place at the retail location. Registering through a partner organization is usually done online through the organization’s website. Proper identification and payment are needed to register for classes; requirements for identification type and payment amount vary by class.

State Organizations

If the hunter safety class that you want to take at Bass Pro Shops is sold out, you can check other places in your community for a similar course. For example, in Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Game Commission offers hunter education classes as well. Students 11 years of age and older can take the in-person hunting education classes and those 16 years of age and over are allowed to take the safety classes online if they prefer. In New York, part of the class may be completed online, but everyone must attend the in-person portion of the course. Contact your state's game commission or department of environmental conservation to get information about safety classes offered in your area.

Hunting Safety Courses

Safety classes will provide the relevant training needed to apply for a hunting license. In New York, for example, some of the topics covered in classes put on by the state's Department of Environmental Conservation are firearm and crossbow safety, proper gun handling and storage, laws and regulations and hunting ethics. Some classes may require additional reading material or that you complete homework.


  • Before registering for any class, check to make sure that you've completed all the prerequisites.

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