How to Register a Boat Trailer in Georgia

How to Register a Boat Trailer in Georgia

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If you have a boat trailer in Georgia, it needs to have a Georgia license plate on its stern. You know what means: You have to register your boat trailer, just like you would a vehicle.

Registering a boat trailer in Georgia may look difficult on paper, but once you start going through the process, it's less onerous than tagging a car. You can find all the forms you need online, which helps smooth out the beginning of the registration ordeal, but you will have to do some of your own footwork later on in the process.

Fill out the registration application

Complete a Georgia Form MV-1, the motor vehicle title and tag application. The form is available online and must be typewritten, completed on a computer, or legibly printed, and signed before submission.

The application asks for your boat trailer's vehicle identification number as well as its year, make, body style, model and color, along with other physical descriptors. You must also include some of your own personal information, such as your driver's license number, and you will have to declare your liens and social security interests.

Obtain an inspection certificate

Ask a Georgia police officer or county tag agent to complete form T-22B, a certificate of inspection. The person who completes this form will copy the trailer serial number and contact the Georgia Crime Information Center to ensure the trailer is not stolen, then make a note on the Form-22B that the serial number was queried.

Submit the forms to the county

Mail or hand deliver the completed Forms MVD-1 and 22B to the county tag agent in the county where the trailer will reside. If the forms are hand delivered, be ready to present a Georgia driver's license or Georgia state identification card.

You shouldn't need insurance to register a boat trailer. However, if the trailer is coming from outside of Georgia, you will need to submit the title fro the trailer's original state or an original bill of sale for the trailer.

Items you will need

  • Form MVD-1

  • Form T-22B

  • Georgia driver's license or Georgia state identification card

  • Out-of-state title or original bill of sale


  • You have 30 days from the date of purchase, or the date you bring the trailer into the state, to register your trailer and put on Georgia plates, whether you've just moved to Georgia or you are already a Georgia resident.

    A vehicle title is not required for a boat trailer.

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