How to Redo Travel Trailer Cushions

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Travel trailer cushions see a lot of use and abuse over the years. Even cushions that are in good condition may become outdated. Redoing the cushions in a travel trailer is a good way to update the look of your trailer. The easiest way to redo travel trailer cushions is to cover them with new fabric. When choosing new fabric for the cushions, it is important to find a fabric that is durable as well as attractive.

Choose the fabric you are going to use to redo the travel trailer cushions. Wash, dry and iron the fabric prior to sewing the cover for the travel trailer cushions. Unwashed fabric may shrink when it is washed.

Remove the old fabric from the travel trailer cushions. Unpick the cushions carefully with a seam ripper so the old fabric can be used as a template for the new cushion fabric.

Lay out the new fabric for the cushions on a flat surface. Place the old cushion fabric on top of the new fabric. Use the old cushion fabric as a template. Trace around the template with chalk.

Cut the fabric for the cushions with fabric scissors.

Match the appropriate pieces of fabric together. Place the edges together so they are flush and the fabric pattern is on the inside. Pin the fabric together along the edge.

Sew a ¼-inch straight stitch along the edges of the fabric. Sew all the edges of the fabric together except for one.

Turn the cushion cover right side out. Push the foam cushion into the fabric cover.

Tuck the raw edges of the cover under and pin them together.

Thread a needle with heavy duty thread. Use the thread and needle to sew together the pinned edge of the cushion by hand.


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