How Does a Pop-Up Tent Work?


There are two types of pop up tents: coiled and umbrella. The coiled tent, just as its name states, uses a large coiled spring as its frame. The tent is then built around the frame. The umbrella style uses struts that are structured like that of an umbrella with the fabric walls and a floor sewn in.

Erecting the Tent

Due to the ease of use, these tents are a very popular choice for campers. To set up these types of tents, the user only needs to remove the tent from it's storage container. The tent will then pop up. Although the tent sets itself up, the camper must secure the tent in place by pegging down the corners. The camper then has to tie ropes to these corners and peg down the ends.

Closing the Tent

While these tents are quick and easy to set up, it seems that taking them down is a lot more difficult. To pack up the tent, the camper simply needs to fold the tent back into it's pre-popped shape, and return it to the storage bag. While this sounds easy enough, many campers struggle to keep the sections of the tent folded as they move on to the next fold. Often as the camper tries to place the tent back into the bag it will begin to unfold as well. Another downfall of these types of tents is that they cannot be carried on a backpack, due to their large and bulky size.

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