How to Store Coleman Propane

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The Coleman label is virtually synonymous with outdoor gear, including portable gas stoves and the hunter-green propane canisters to fuel them. Coleman propane canisters unscrew from the stove valve when not in use, so you can store the gas. Transportation and storage of propane are important safety considerations when getting to and from the campsite. You'll also need a safe place to store the fuel during the off season, a place where the canisters cannot be exposed to temperature extremes.

Items you will need

  • Metal storage box

Place the protective plastic cap that comes with each cylinder over the threaded valve to prevent dust and dirt from getting into the canister gas valve.

Arrange Coleman propane canisters upright in a metal storage box for transporting or storing in a building. Do not turn canisters on their side. Placing them in the upright position enables the pressure relief valve to operate properly.

Place the box in a shaded, well-ventilated area, preferably outdoors or in a storage shed where water cannot collect around the canisters, which could rust and weaken.


  • Do not store propane indoors in a house or garage where vehicles are kept. Storage sheds are best.
  • Keep the coleman canisters away from other flammable materials, such as the gas tank for your lawnmower.
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