How to Find a Nike Style Number

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Every product that Nike sells--from running shoes to clothing to sports gear--is assigned a style number in its product catalog. You can place orders online or by phone, but you must have a style number. Retailers may also ask for this number if you are searching for specific Nike products in stores. To find a style number, Nike says to use “Catalog Quick Shop,” the shopping search function on, to look up Nike style numbers for shopping or product information. You can find a style number by searching for products by name and/or description.

Step 1

Go to and click on “Search.” You can also go directly to the quick shop page at,search,searchList-quickshop

Step 2

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In the Search/Quickshop field, describe the product you are trying to find. Your search can be specific, or you can type in a general descriptor, such as “women’s blue shoes” and hit Enter on your keyboard.

Step 3

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Select a product from the search results or start a new search. When you select a product, the product page will open.

Step 4

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You will see the Style # along with the Color # on the right side of the product screen. The format will look like this: “Style# / Color# 393249-100."