How to Determine the Value of a German Luger

How to Determine the Value of a German Luger

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German Lugers are among the most sought-after pistols in gun collecting. Whether purchasing or selling, knowing the value of the firearm is crucial. Determining the value of a German Luger can be done by accessing a few readily available resources.

Items you will need

  • Computer

  • Internet access

  • Telephone

  • Blue Book for Firearms

Step 1

Check online. Several websites online list the names, serial numbers, production histories and approximate market values of German Luger pistols.

Step 2

Consult your local gun shop or antique firearms dealer. Professionals in retail or antique gun sales can offer advice on the market value of a German Luger. Antique firearm appraisers will make an official appraisal of a German Luger for a fee.

Step 3

Check the Blue Book publication for firearms. This publication is the standard for pricing firearms and will offer a general guideline for the value of a German Luger.

Step 4

Check your local library. Many books have been written on antique firearms and their value. Book references can also help date and identify the specific model of a German Luger.

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