How to Make a Wood Hunting Bow

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Building your own wood hunting bow can authenticate a camping experience for any serious outdoorsman. With a little dedication, the right tools and a serious love for hunting, you'll be able to create your own wood hunting bow with a few household items.

Chop down a small 3-foot sapling tree, cut away the branches and strip the tree of its bark. The best tool to use to get rid of the branches and the bark is a decent-sized hunting knife. Make sure the knife is very sharp. Allow the sapling at least 24 hours to dry.

Cut the tree into a staff shape. Take a knife and carefully cut the ends of the sapling to roughly 1/2 inch in diameter, leaving the middle of the sapling the same without cutting any of it down.

Cut a small "V" into both ends of the sapling tree. These notches will be what your bow string will wrap around to secure it in place. Use your hunting knife to make the notches for the string.

With a knife, create a small notch in the very center of the bow. This is your arrow rest. Take a strip of leather, apply some wood glue to the backside and wrap the leather around the bow just below the arrow rest notch. This will provide you with a good grip.

Cut off a piece of linen string that's about a foot shorter than the length of your bow. Tie one end of the string to the V-shaped notch at the top of the bow and then bring the other end of the string down to the opposite end of the bow. As you bring the string down and begin to tie it to the V notch, the bow should naturally bend. Secure the string in place with a good, solid knot.

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