How to Change a PSE Nova Draw Length

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The PSE Nova is a dependable and fast compound bow. Compound bows are archery bows that use cables and pulleys make drawing the bow easier. Compound bows are also known for their speed in relation to their recurve bow counterparts. Another nice feature of compound bows is the ability to change draw lengths by changing the position of the string on the pulleys. The PSE Nova can have its draw length changed quickly and easily.

Items you will need

  • 8-penny nails

  • Assistant

Draw the bow to full draw and hold it. Have your assistant place a nail in the small round hole in the bottom of each pulley wheel and then slowly let the pressure off of the bow string.

Unhook the looped bowstring from the metal string connectors and set aside. Slide the connectors up and away from the bow limbs and pull them out of the pulley wheels. Move the connectors to a new hole or position on the wheels (a higher hole if you want the draw length shorter or a lower hole if you want the draw length longer).

Reconnect the string to the metal string connectors and draw the bow to full draw again. Have your assistant pull the nails out of the pulley wheels and then let the bow down slowly.


  • This process can also be performed by using a bow press to depress the bow's limbs and then changing the draw length in the same manner.
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