How to Make Carbon Arrows

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Carbon arrows get its name from what the shaft of the arrow is made of. It is made with a spiral fiber wrapping and carbon that is cross weaved. This makes the arrow strong and straight. It is very important for an arrow to remain straight in order for it to hit its target. Carbon arrows are used for hunting and are moderately easy to make.

Items you will need

  • Pliers

  • Epoxy

  • Copper water pipe

  • Resin

  • Scotch tape

  • 3 Fletchings and fletching tool

  • Carbon fiber

  • Sandpaper

  • Brush

  • Denatured alcohol

  • Arrow Prep Tool

  • Insert

  • Straight clamps

  • Baby oil/silicone spray

  • Thin sheet of plastic

Purchase a copper water pipe from a hardware store. Measure the length of your arm. If your arm is 3-feet long then add an additional 1 1/2-feet to it. You will then purchase a pipe 4 1/2-feet long and 3/4-inch in diameter. This will be the mold for the shaft to the arrow.

Prepare the mold. Apply three coats of resin. Wait for it to dry between each coat. Hang the mold vertically to ensure it remains straight. Spray the mold with silicone spray or rub on baby oil. Then place a layer of thin plastic around the mold. Be sure to make it without any creases. It must be smooth. In order to hold the plastic on the mold put on two pieces of scotch tape.

Slide on the carbon fiber. This is like a sleeve that you will slip onto the mold. You can make it fit tightly by pulling at each end and twisting from the middle towards the top and/or bottom of the shaft.

Sand the shaft down. Brush off the excess particles on the shaft and apply epoxy. In case of bubbles in the layer of epoxy then sand the spots there are bubbles and apply another coat of epoxy. Let it dry in a cooler temperature to create less bubbles. Once the epoxy is dry then remove the mold from the shaft by using pliers and twisting. This will loosen the mold and it will come out easily.

Use an arrow prep tool to install the arrow insert. There are various kinds you can get. They are sold at archery stores. This is the tip at the end of the carbon arrow. Put the insert in the carbon arrow by twisting it in rather than pushing it straight in.

Buy the head and fletchings of the arrow. They can be bought in a local archery store. In order to put fletchings on the end of the arrow use a fletching tool to make three cuts into the shaft at 90 degree angles. Apply denatured alcohol and wipe it around the end of the arrow and use NPV cement to put in the fletchings. They can be held on by straight clamps until the cement hardens. The head of the arrow can be any kind of hunting point. Apply epoxy around the end of the head and insert it into the top of the shaft.


  • Keep fletchings clamped over night to be sure cement has dried.
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