How to Make Your Own Neon Green Night Crawlers

by Richard Corrigan
Neon green night crawlers are effective for walleye and other game fish.

Neon green night crawlers are effective for walleye and other game fish.

Neon-green-colored night crawlers are sold in many bait-and-tackle shops under various brand names. Used to catch panfish, bass, catfish, walleye and various other species, neon green night crawlers are highly visible in dark waters where fish might have a hard time spotting naturally colored baits. In addition to the green worms available at bait shops, it is also possible to make your own neon green night crawlers using a product called Worm-Glo.

How It Works

Developed and patented by Legend Laboratories, Worm-Glo is a nontoxic worm nutrient product that is mixed in with the bedding in which night crawlers are kept. As the night crawlers feed, they ingest the product, which turns them green as it is absorbed through the digestive system. You can make neon green night crawlers in a terrarium or other sealable container using moist potting soil, peat moss or shredded newspaper as bedding.

Add Worm-Glo to the worm bedding according to the manufacturer's instructions, and store the night crawlers at room temperature for 24 hours. Once the night crawlers show a green color, keep them refrigerated until you're ready to go fishing. The pigment will fade as the product leaves the worms' digestive systems, so you may need to add more if you don't plan to use them right away.

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