Instructions for a Trailer Tent Awning

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Having an awning on your tent trailer (or pop-up camper) can be the difference between a soggy dinner or shelter from the rain. It also provides sun protection when camping in areas with little natural shade. Easy to open and close, a tent trailer awning is an asset to any camping experience. Even a beginner can install and open an awning by himself with a little practice.

Choose the desired size of awning for your trailer, generally between seven and eleven feet. Popular places to locate both new and used awnings are on line auction sites and camping supply stores.

Assemble awning according to manufacturer instructions.

Install awning brackets on trailer according to manufacturer instructions.

Slide vinyl welt of awning bag into awning rail. This is faster with two people.

Permanently mount bag awning to camper with one #6 x ½" drill point screw at each end of awning, or plan to remove during travel.

Unzip awning bag and unroll awning.

Unfold ground legs and slide to desired height. Lock into position.

Unfold rafter poles and insert them into the bracket directly under awning. Open to desired length, and twist poles to tighten.

Insert ground legs into lower bracket for a patio position, or stand upright for a carport position and stake to ground with tent stakes.


  • When raining, lower the entire awning or one end of awning to allow run off.
  • When unzipping the bag, be sure to holdthe rafter and ground poles to keep them from falling on you.


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