Instructions for a Northwest Territory Screen House

Instructions for a Northwest Territory Screen House

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More and more families are discovering the joys of being in the great outdoors. Camping in the mountains, backyard garden parties and afternoons on the beach are opportunities for family and friends to gather. These gatherings are much more pleasant when you and your food are protected from insects, the blazing sun and light rain. Learn to assemble a Northwest Territory screen house in a short time, and use it as a base for your event.

Items you will need

  • 1 screen house

  • 1 5-way center hub

  • 5 steel curved roof poles with c-clip

  • 5 steel straight leg poles

  • 5 steel tent stakes, 7-inch


Confirm that you have all parts and none are damaged.

Choose a level site for your screen house. Clear the area of stones, sticks and other debris. Lay out the screen house.

Push one roof pole through a pole sleeve and attach it to the center hub. Repeat for each roof pole.

Slide leg pole into roof pole. Find pin-ring at the bottom of the screen house and slide it into the pole. Repeat for each leg pole.

Stake screen house through the webbing loops at the bottom of the screen house. These are located next to the pin rings.


  • This screen house is water repellent but not waterproof.


  • This screen house requires two adults to assemble.
  • Make sure the screen house is dry before storing.
  • Practice assembling the screen house at home once before going on a trip.
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