Instructions for a Greatland 2-Room Tent

Instructions for a Greatland 2-Room Tent

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The Greatland 2-room dome tent provides an enclosed room for sleeping and a screened room for gear storage and protection from insects. The screened room is covered for rain protection and is attached to the main room. The setup process is easily accomplished by a single person, but is much quicker with several people. The original package includes all of the necessary materials and tools are easily improvised in the field. The tent sleeps up to six people and is designed for three-season use.

Items you will need

  • Tent body

  • Tent poles

  • Stakes

  • Rain-fly

  • Gear loft

  • Divider

Remove the tent from the package and spread out the materials on the ground. Use a rock or stick to anchor the fabric on windy days. Spread out the main tent body on the ground. The body is screened material combined with solid nylon fabric walls.

Locate the three main tent poles and assemble the individual sections. Slide each pole through one of the three sleeves on the tent body. Place the end of each pole into the corresponding grommet to raise the roof of the tent.

Pull the corners of the tent tight to create a smooth floor. Use a rock to pound the stakes through each of the corner ground loops. Work your away around the base of the tent until all of the loops are secured to the ground.

Lay the rain-fly on top of the tent. Rotate the fly until the roof of the screen room is covered and the roof and sides of the main room are covered. Locate the hooks on bottom ridge of the fly and attach the hooks to the small loops on the base of the tent. The loops are much smaller than the stake loops and are difficult to confuse.

Unzip the door and enter the tent. Locate the loops along the top of the tent wall and attach the hooks on the gear loft. Locate the loops on the ceiling and attach the divider hooks to create private rooms.


  • Anchor loose materials with rocks and sticks until the tent is staked. The tent material acts like a parachute and will blow away on windy days.


  • Erect the tent in a shaded area for comfort on hot days. Avoid tent sites with unstable trees and the potential for falling rocks.
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