How to Install a Thule Bike Rack

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Thule makes a range of racks for outdoor sports. Thule's product line includes hitch-mount bicycle racks designed to fit into a vehicle's tow hitch receiver mount and carry up to four bicycles. In addition to the base rack, Thule offers accessories to build your rack up and customize its usage. For example, cables, locks and extra bicycle saddles are available to customize or secure your base level hitch mount bicycle rack.

Items you will need

  • Vehicle make, model and year

  • Tow hitch

  • Thule rack tool

Set the Thule bicycle rack next to the rear end of the tow vehicle. Remove all packaging from the rack.

Remove the lock rod from the rear of the Thule hitch rack arm. This pin is at the end of the hitch arm and is a slender silver rod. Take out the two smaller pins out of the main lock rod. Remove these to take the lock rod out of the rack arm.

Pick up the rack and insert the rack arm into the vehicle's tow hitch receiver. Align the holes on the receiver hitch and the holes on the rack arm. Slide the lock rod into the hole and push the two lock pins into the lock rod.


  • Purchase the Thule bicycle rack that goes with your vehicle and receiver hitch. Use the Thule "Fit My Car" feature at its website,, or use the paper catalog found in sport shops that sell Thule products.
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