How to Install a Slide Cover Plate on a Glock

How to Install a Slide Cover Plate on a Glock

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The slide-stop is at the back of the Glock's slide, and faces the shooter as he fires. You may want to replace your slide-stop if the original is scratched, damaged or worn. A second reason for installing a new slide-stop is to replace the factory-offered stop with a custom design.

Items you will need

  • Slide plate

  • 1/8-inch flathead screwdriver

Removing the Original Slide Plate

Hold the handle of the Glock; press the magazine-release button located on the left side of the handle. Remove the magazine. Pull the slide to the rear of the sidearm, look into the ejection port and make certain there is not a live round in the chamber.

Squeeze the trigger to release the firing pin into the rest position. Pull the slide toward the rear of the weapon 1/4-inch, and force down the slide-release tabs. Move the slide forward down the rails, past the slide-release tabs and off the end of the pistol's frame. Set the frame aside and hold the slide.

Remove the barrel and recoil-spring mechanism from the slide. Take the naked slide in your hand, and hold it sights down. Use the firing-pin arm to force the firing pin toward the slide plate. You will hear it click into the firing position.

Place the screwdriver in the space between the firing-pin arm and the firing-pin arm-stop. There is a button in the space. This mechanism will take the tension off the firing-pin spring as well as the slide-plate spring. This allows you to remove the slide plate.

Maintain pressure on the slide-plate button. Move the slide plate toward the tracks of the slide -- the bottom -- with your thumb. Remove the slide plate. Be aware that the firing-pin spring and the slide-plate spring will jump from the rear of the slide once the plate is removed. As you are pushing the slide plate off the slide with your thumb, cover the rear of the slide with your hand. This will permit you to catch the springs.

Installing the New Slide Plate

Hold the slide in one hand and the new slide plate in the other. Align the tracks of the new slide plate with the rails of the slide. Push the slide plate into the slide until it touches the firing-pin spring and can move no farther.

Press down the firing-pin spring with the thumb of your hand holding the slide. Push the slide pin over the top of the spring until it touches the slide-plate spring and is forced to stop.

Place the thumb of your hand holding the slide over the top of the slide plate. Press the flathead screwdriver down on the slide-plate spring with your opposing hand. Move the slide plate over the spring, using the thumb of your hand that is holding the slide. Force the slide plate into the side until you hear it snap into place.

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