How to Disassemble a Ruger P95DC 9mm Gun

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The Ruger P95 DC 9mm pistol is one of the more popular handguns manufactured in the United States, and has made a name for itself because of its smaller frame and light weight as a "carry" pistol--the moniker assigned to handguns that are good weapons to carry in a concealed weapon pouch. Because of its simple, modular nature, the Ruger P95 is also a weapon that is relatively easy to disassemble for cleaning and repair. Best of all, the Ruger needs very few tools to be disassembled--or "field stripped"--properly.

Items you will need

  • Old towel or soft cloth

Step 1

Spread out the towel or cloth on a flat, dry surface. You will be placing all the parts from the disassembled Ruger onto this cloth.

Step 2

Push the magazine eject button at the bottom of the pistol grip and remove the magazine from the Ruger's handle. Place the magazine on the cloth, then slowly pull back on the slide to eject any round that might have been chambered in the pistol barrel.

Step 3

Pull the slide back as far as it will go, then push the slide lock bar--located on the left side of the pistol--up to lock the slide in the open position.

Step 4

Look down into the magazine chamber from the top of the gun--opening the slide will reveal this chamber--and locate the small lever inside the pistol. Press this lever down.

Step 5

Lower the slide lock bar and let the slide come forward just a bit. You will notice there are two notches on the slide that the slide lock bar can be moved up into. The notch farthest back on the slide is the take down notch. Move the slide lock bar up into this notch, then pull back slightly on the slide to relieve the pressure on the slide lock bar.

Step 6

Press the take down pin removal button on the other side of the pistol. It will be a small button located towards the front of the gun. This will pop the slide lock bar and pin out on the other side. Keep holding the slide so that there is no pressure on the pin and lock bar, then pull the pin and lock bar completely out of the pistol. Set the pin and lock bar down on the towel.

Step 7

Let the slide go all the way forward, then grip it firmly and push the slide forward--towards the front of the gun--until it slides off the pistol completely. Lay the plastic lower portion of the pistol on the towel.

Step 8

Hold the slide in your hand and turn it upside down so you are looking into the bottom of the slide. Find the small metal protrusion in the center of the slide--the metal piece connected to the spring and rod--and push it towards the front of the slide, then pull up gently. This will free the rod and spring piece. Set the rod and spring on the towel.

Step 9

Use your finger to pull the barrel up and out of the slide. Place the barrel on the towel. Your Ruger P95 DC is now completely disassembled.

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