How to Disassemble a Glock 27

How to Disassemble a Glock 27

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The Glock 27 is Glock's compact sidearm, normally used as a backup weapon in law enforcement or for easy concealment in a glove compartment or purse. The small weapon packs the same punch as its full-sized brethren. It utilizes a .40 caliber round and comes standard with a nine-round magazine. The overall length of the Glock 27 is a modest 160 mm, making it ideal for carrying it concealed. Field stripping of the Glock 27 for routine maintenance is just the same as the disassembly of a full-size Glock handgun and is essential to keep the Glock in top working condition. This task can be performed with little difficulty following the appropriate instructions.

Unload the weapon completely. Remove the magazine and pull the charging handle to the rear, then visually inspect the chamber to ensure that no ammunition is present in the weapon.

Pull the slide back just about 1/8 inch and hold it in place with your hand.

Locate the slide take down pin on the front of the weapon's utility bar, just underneath the slide. This is a small square pin, accessible from both sides of the weapon.

Grab the take down pin on both sides of the weapon and pull down. Simultaneously push the slide forward, off the frame of the weapon, as you hold down the pin.

Remove the spring-wrapped guide pin located on the underside of the slide. This will easily pull off. Remove the barrel in the same manner after removing the guide pin. Your Glock 27 is now field stripped and ready for cleaning.


  • Never attempt to disassemble a loaded firearm.
  • Never point a weapon at anything that you do not intend to shoot or kill, whether unloaded or not.
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