How to Install a Scope on a Benelli Shotgun

by Peter Timm

Benelli shotguns are excellent choices for either sport shooting or self defense. Scopes can quickly be attached to Benelli shotguns with the use of a Weaver-style scope mount. Many models of Benelli shotguns come from the factory with Weaver-style scope mounts pre-installed. For those models that don’t, the upper receivers have screw holes already drilled and tapped; this allows for the quick installation of a scope mount. Some models will require you to remove the rear sight--if installed--before installing the mount.

Mount Installation

  1. Inspect your Benelli shotgun to make sure it is unloaded prior to installing a scope.

  2. Remove the pre-installed scope mounting screws found on top of the shotgun with a small, slotted screwdriver. The function of these screws is simply to fill the screw holes.

  3. Position your Weaver-style scope base on top of your shotgun; align the holes in the base with the holes in the shotgun. Using the screws included with the base, secure the scope base to the shotgun.

Scope Installation

  1. Separate the halves of the Weaver-style scope rings. Place the rings on your scope and partially tighten with the Allen wrench included in the ring package.

  2. Loosen the retention screws at the base of the scope rings and expand the mounting bracket. The mounting bracket is the part that will secure your scope rings to the scope mount.

  3. Align the ring retention screws with the slots cut across the mount base.

  4. Align the mounting bracket with the sides of the scope mount. Tighten the retention screws.

  5. Position the scope as desired. Finish tightening the screws on the rings.

Items you will need

  • Weaver-style scope rings
  • Weaver-style scope mount
  • Small flathead screwdriver

About the Author

Peter Timm has been writing since 2002 for both print and online publications. Timm earned a Bachelor of Arts from the New York Institute of Technology in 2008 and emerged a technically astute writer.