How to Install Racks for Pop-Up Campers

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Pop up campers pack down into small and compact hard shells for towing. This does not leave much room to transport gear or sports equipment. To remedy this lack of storage space, add a roof rack to the pop up camper. The roof rack attaches to the hard shell roof of the camper, allowing it to be used for gear and equipment transport.

Lower the camper roof. Slide the four rack feet onto the roof gutters. Attach two on the left and right side of the popup roof by turning the feet dials to lock them onto the roof lip gutters. Align them so there is a foot between the rack feet. Look across from one side of the camper and make sure the feet align with the other side in a straight line.

Slide the cross bars into the tower feet. Use the dedicated rack tool to tighten the crossbars onto the feet towers. The towers have dedicated holes for the crossbars. Slide the crossbars through these holes and go directly across to the tower holes on the opposite side of the camper.

Attach the specialized cradles or rack parts to the crossbars. For example, line up bike cradles or canoe-kayak saddles onto the cross bars. Tighten them down to the crossbars via the wing nuts under the racks on the crossbars.

Slide any rack locks into the dedicated housings along the tower feet. Look at the dial-tightener for a lock hole. These are where the locks are inserted. Use the lock insertion key, turn it and remove. This secures the lock in place.


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