How to Install a Primer Feeder for a MEC Reloader

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Mayville Engineering Company (MEC) manufactures reloading equipment that's used to produce new rounds of shotgun ammunition from expended shotshell casings. Their shotshell presses feature a rotating shell holder that mounts beneath a "tree" of multiple working stations, which lets you quickly reload a large number of shotshells. MEC shotshell presses ship from the factory disassembled. One of the components that must be assembled to the main press framework is the primer feeder, which automatically delivers a new primer for each shotshell into the press mechanism. MEC manufactures eight press models; the primer feed installation is similar on all of them.

Identify the parts required for the installation. They are included in the parts bag that ships with your MEC reloader. You will need the primer feed tray, primer spring/chain and primer feed retaining clip.

Insert the retaining clip into position inside the primer feed tube clamp, which mounts directly on the front of the priming station. Insert the feed tube on the primer feed tray into the tube clamp.

Push down on the operating handle of the press to raise the shell holder until it contacts the bottom of the priming station. Adjust the primer feed tube so that it rests in the primer hole on the shell holder. Tighten the screw on the clamp to hold the primer feed tube in position.

Attach the open end of the spring on the primer spring/chain to the hook mounted on the press frame just above the priming station. Attach the other end of the spring to the clamp on the feed tube. Attach the free end of the chain to the small clamp on top of the primer feed tube bracket.

Test and adjust the chain's position by operating the press handle with a few primers loaded into the feed tray. A new primer should drop into the shell holder with each pull of the operating handle. The chain's position can be adjusted by changing the specific chain link that is used to hook onto the feed tube bracket.


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