How to Load a Remington Model 870

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The Remington Model 870 is one of the more popular shotguns on the market and is used for everything from sport hunting to home defense. The Remington 870 also sees action on several police forces, although those versions are a touch beefier than the civilian versions. For those not accustomed to using a shotgun, loading a Remington 870 can be confusing. It is not obvious how to load shells into the internal magazine. Fortunately, once you figure it out, it is not overly difficult.

Items you will need

  • Box of 12-gauge shotgun shells

Step 1

Locate the "safety switch on the top of the shotgun. It is found on the point at which the top of the stock begins to curve downward.

Step 2

Press the switch forward, then pull back on the pump slide--The larger movable brown or black portion of the shotgun located beneath the barrel--of the shotgun to open the chamber on the side of the shotgun.

Step 3

Place a shell in the newly opened slot and push it forward into the internal magazine with your thumb.

Step 4

Push the pump forward to close the slot, then turn the shotgun over to reveal the loading port on the bottom of the gun.

Step 5

Place one shell against the loading port and push it inside and forward. Repeat this process until the loading port no longer accepts the shotgun shell. A typical Remington 870 will hold about five shells.

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