How to Load a 1970 Daisy Pump BB Gun

How to Load a 1970 Daisy Pump BB Gun

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Daisy claims that its Model 25 Pump BB Gun is the most popular BB gun in the world, with more than 20 million sold between 1913 and 1986. The model made in 1970 was much improved over the years and was an extremely popular BB gun that was fun for children and has become a collector's item for adults. With a high-capacity 50-round magazine, this gun could allow a shooter many happy hours of hunting or many minutes of straight shooting without the need for reloading in between.

Items you will need

  • Daisy Model 25 1970 Pump Action BB Gun

  • 0.177 caliber BBs

Hold your 1970 Daisy Model 25 BB gun upside down with the muzzle of the barrel facing away from you and the butt of the rifle against your leg or hip. Unscrew the magazine from its location underneath the barrel, holding it tightly to make sure that the magazine does not drop out of your hands and spill.

Remove the magazine from its position under the barrel. Once the magazine is removed, locate the hole through which the BBs are loaded into the magazine. The hole should be on the end of the magazine itself.

Pour 0.177 caliber BBs into the hole in the magazine. Watch the BBs carefully to ensure that nothing enters the magazine that could affect the performance of the magazine loading action, such as dirt, small rocks or misshapen BBs. Even a small piece of debris can lock up the operation of the entire mechanism and, depending on the severity of the jam, could even require the entire weapon to be disassembled by a professional.

Reinsert the magazine into its position under the barrel of the BB gun. The best way to accomplish this is to hold the gun in the same position that was used to remove the magazine, upside down with the muzzle of the barrel facing away from you. Twist the magazine as your reinsert it until it locks into place.


  • Never point your BB gun at anyone. Even if you think the gun is empty, it could still fire a small piece of dirt or rock with enough force to seriously injure someone.


  • Many BBs are sold in bulk in containers that already contain pouring spouts, but if your BBs of choice do not, a BB loader with a built-in funnel can be a very helpful tool for loading and unloading your Daisy BB gun.
  • Clean and oil your BB gun to ensure the best performance. This is especially critical for older guns like the 1970 Model 25.
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