How to Install a Leash on a Boogie Board

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After fighting through the surf for a place in the lineup, swimming back into shore to chase your boogie board might be the last thing you want. This exactly is what can happen, however, when you and your boogie board become detached from one another. Your boogie board leash attaches to a plug installed through the body of the boogie board. If the plug already is installed, installation of the leash is as simple as attaching the leash to this plug. If the plug has not been installed, install it first in order to then attach the leash.

Items you will need

  • Phillips screwdriver (as needed)

  • Ruler (as needed)

  • Coin (as needed)

Plug Installation

Step 1

Use your hands to feel whether your boogie board has a stringer. The stringer is a metal support rod that runs from one end of the board to the other (references 1 video and 2). This might be one in the center of the board, or a pair to the left and right of center.

Step 2

Use a ruler to measure from 6 to 8 inches from the top of the board (references 1 & 2). Depending on personal preference, locate your leash plug within this vertical range. For lateral positioning, choose a location that does not interfere with the stringer. If wearing the leash on your right arm, locate your leash plug either in the center or just to the right of the center of the board. If attaching the leash to your left arm, locate your leash plug either in the center or just to the left of the center of the board.

Step 3

Push a Phillips screwdriver softly into the top of the boogie board at the spot you've designated for your leash plug. Once the tip of the screwdriver touches the bottom of the board, give a hard push to force the tip through the bottom (references 1 video).

Step 4

Grab the plug for your leash. One end has a pair of strings attached, while the other end does not. Unscrew the two halves, and set the end with no strings aside.

Step 5

Force the tip of the plug through the hole in the top of the boogie board. Push the plug in as far as its anchor will allow.

Step 6

Grab the other half of the plug. Insert the tip through the hole in the bottom of the board. Wiggle both halves of the plug until they meet.

Step 7

Use a coin to tighten the bottom half of the plug into the top half. A slot in the plug allows for the insertion of the coin. Tighten the plug until it causes a slight indent in the bottom of the board.

Leash Installation

Step 1

Thread one of the two strings attached to the leash plug through the metal loop at the end of the leash (references 3 video).

Step 2

Join the two ends of the string. Loop them over your thumb, and pass both ends of the string through the string loop to create a knot.

Step 3

Pull both ends of the string to tighten the knot.