How to Mount Bikes on a Stealth 4 Bicycle Rack

How to Mount Bikes on a Stealth 4 Bicycle Rack

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The Stealth 4 bicycle rack comes in a variety of styles so you can attach it to a hatchback, hitch or trunk style car with ease. One of the reasons this is such a popular bike rack has to do with the way it has been designed to hold bicycles. You can mount bikes on a Stealth 4 bicycle rack in minutes and be assured that they will not come off while you are driving.

Items you will need

  • Stealth 4 Bicycle Rack (installed)

  • Bicycles

  • Plastic shopping bags (if desired)

Open the holding cradles on each support arm on the Stealth 4 rack for as many bikes as you plan on loading. Pull the plastic strap out of the lock buckle to do this while holding down the small lock tab at the bottom of the plastic buckle.

Lower the stabilizing bar into position by turning the large black dial knob on the left of the side of the rack until the bar is loose and falls down into position (perpendicular to the ground). Tighten the knob to hold the bar in position.

Lift your bicycle onto the rack and set it so both support arms are passing under the top of the bicycle frame bar and the bar of the frame is sitting in a plastic cradle on each support bar. If you are loading only one bike, load it on the front-most set of cradles.

Pass the plastic strap of the cradle over the frame of the bike and into the lock buckle. Pull the strap through the buckle until it is tight against the frame. The strap has molded ridges on it that will automatically lock against the tab on the buckle. Do this for each cradle.

Use the straps that came with the Stealth 4 to secure the bottom of the frame of the bike to the stabilizing bar. Pass the strap over the frame and then through the metal ring on the stabilizing bar, then secure the strap using the attached buckle.


  • While the stabilizing bar is designed to be optional, without it, your bikes can begin to swing with the movement of the car and damage your car or harm the gearing of the bike.


  • Cover your bike seat with plastic shopping bags to prevent rain or road grime from harming it while you are transporting your bike. Alternately, you can simply remove the entire seat and keep it in the car with you.
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