How to Attach a Swivel to an Easy Rider Rifle Sling

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Butler Creek Products manufactures rifle slings, snap-on covers for telescopic sights and magazine loading accessories for both bench and field shooters. Their Easy Rider Slings feature a broad neoprene pad to cushion the weight of your rifle or shotgun during extended carries. Easy Rider Slings do not come with a sling swivel attached. They attach to either fixed or detachable sling swivels using a pair of simple friction buckles.

Examine the Easy Rider Sling to determine where each swivel will attach. The short strap on the sling attaches to the swivel closest to the muzzle of the rifle. The long strap attaches to the swivel nearest the butt of the rifle. Make sure the slightly roughened gripping surface of the neoprene pad faces toward the rifle.

Hold the sliding buckle on the short end of the sling in one hand with the top of the buckle facing toward you. With your free hand, pull a small loop of strap away from the top of the buckle. This loosens the end of the sling's strap, which is held in place below the buckle by a friction bar.

Pull the end of the sling strap over the friction bar and out of the buckle. Loop the end of the strap through the D-ring on the swivel. Tuck the free end of the strap back into the bottom of the buckle, then pull it over the friction bar.

Tighten the swivel attachment by pulling the free end of the strap through the buckle until it flattens against the friction bar. Flatten the small loop on top of the buckle by pulling on the strap where it connects to the sling's shoulder pad. Pull firmly on the swivel to make the sure the buckle's friction bar holds the strap in place.

Repeat steps 2 through 4 to attach a swivel to the long end of your Easy Rider Sling.

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