How to Install Compound Bow Strings

by Denise Sullivan
Learn how to install a compound bowstring

Learn how to install a compound bowstring

Compound bows have stiffer limbs and are strung at a higher tension than traditional bows. This unfortunately makes them more difficult to string, especially if you do not have access to a bow press. A bow press is designed to apply tension to the limbs of the bow while you thread the string onto the cams. If you do not have a bow press, you can still string your compound bow by hand if it has the proper teardrop-style fittings at each end.

Using a Bow Press

  1. Attach the bow's limbs to the bow press according to your owner's manual.

  2. Adjust the press to relax the tension in the bow. If you are replacing an existing string, unhook that string from the fittings on the bow and discard it.

  3. Slide the ends of the new string onto the fittings and adjust the bow press until you can remove the bow without having the limbs snap back at you.

Teardrop-Style Bows

  1. Twist the limb bolts counterclockwise two or three revolutions. Hold the bow in one hand and step on the string. Expand the limbs as you lift up the bow.

  2. Insert the ends of the new string into the teardrop attachments at each end of the bow. Lower the bow and step off the old string.

  3. Step on the new string and raise the bow to release the tension. Disconnect the ends of the old string and step off. You can now remove and discard the old string.

Items you will need

  • Bow press (optional for teardrop-style bows)
  • Replacement string


  • Wear safety goggles when stringing a compound bow. If the end of the string slips, it can snap back and hit you at high speed.

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