How To Adjust Weight Draw On Mathews Bow

How To Adjust Weight Draw On Mathews Bow

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Bow hunting is a popular sport for men and women of all ages. Compound bows used by today's hunters are much easier to use than traditional bows. The hunter must pull a certain amount of weight to draw the bow back, and this weight is referred to as the draw weight. In traditional bows, the draw weight increases as the hunter draws the bow. In a compound bow, the draw weight peaks during the pull and then wanes again.

Typical draw weights are determined by the hunter's gender, age and size. Several states also have draw weight minimums imposed for hunting certain game. The draw weight can be adjusted on a Mathews bow with relative ease. Mathews bows have a ten pound reduction range from the peak draw weight. In other words, if the bow's peak draw weight is 70 pounds, it can be adjusted down to 60 pounds.

Items you will need

  • Allen wrench, size 3/16 or 7/32 inch

Insert the Allen wrench into one of the limb bolts on the bow.

Turn the limb bolt clockwise to increase the draw weight or counterclockwise to decrease the draw weight. One rotation of the bolt increases or decreases the draw weight by about two to four pounds.

Repeat steps one and two on the other limb bolt. If both bolts are not adjusted equally, the bow may become out of tune.


  • Do not try to draw too much weight. It can cause problems in your shoulders and other joints. Moreover, hunting will be no fun if it is a struggle.


  • New archers and hunters will gain strength quickly and be able to increase their draw weight within a few weeks. Cold weather may affect how much weight you can draw with your bow.
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