Information About Indian Stalker Bows

by Helen Jain

Indian Stalker bows are a type of instructional and hunting bow. The company which makes the bows, Indian Archery, makes several different models for a variety of hunting purposes. According to Wow Shopper, the company started in 1927 and makes everything from the bows to arrows to other hunting equipment.

Composite Materials

Indian Stalker Bows are made from a composite material rather than from wood. The material makes the bow strong and durable without the limitations of wood. Since the material is composite, Indian Stalker Bows are easier to maintain than are bows made of other materials.

Light Weight

The Indian Stalker Bow is a relatively small bow, so it does not have the same weight as other, larger bows. It is a lightweight bow option which is ideal for anyone who is new to bow hunting and has not yet mastered shooting.

Low Draw Weight

The draw weight, or the amount of pressure necessary to draw the bow and shoot the arrow, is relatively light when compared to other bow options. The draw weight is adjustable between 45 pounds and 55 pounds.

Learning Bow

Stalker bows are a good learning bow because it is light weight and relatively easy draw weight. It is not powerful, so it is not a good option for large game hunting. It does work as a learning bow, allowing you to practice the basics of shooting in a backyard or controlled area.

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