How to Oil a Daisy BB Gun

How to Oil a Daisy BB Gun

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A Daisy BB gun is the first gun many young hunters or sharpshooters own. A Daisy owner can build up his shooting skills by placing tin cans on a fence row or practice shooting at other targets. It is vital that your child is aware of the safety rules of gun ownership and proper maintenance techniques. Teaching your child how to oil his own BB gun is an excellent way to further his interest. Regular maintenance will keep the gun safe and in perfect working condition for years.

    Turn the trigger safety to the “On” position or right position. No red will be showing in the trigger area if the safety is set.

    Unload any BBs that are in the barrel.

    Add two drops of 20-weight motor oil into the oil hole. This hole is located on top of the gun barrel, slightly in front of the trigger area.

    Repeat this action every 500 to 1,000 shots to ensure proper maintenance of the Daisy BB gun.

    Oil any moving parts on a regular basis, such as the trigger or cocking mechanism, this will help keep it operating safely. Dust can cause the mechanisms to get dirty even during storage.

    Items you will need

    • 20-weight motor oil

    • Soft cleaning cloth


    • Clean the exterior of the gun with a soft cloth, but make sure your cloth has oil on it if cleaning any screws or sights with a gun blue finish. This will prevent them from rusting.


    • Always raise the muzzle of the Daisy BB gun when loading the ammunition. Not doing this may cause the gun to jam, which can be dangerous.

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