Colt Mustang .380 Takedown Instructions

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Field stripping a pistol is an important skill for a gun owner. It allows you to become more intimate with your gun, and it helps bring a better understanding of how it works. It's also necessary for performing routine maintenance and cleaning after you've been shooting. For owners of a Colt Mustang .380, the field stripping method is similar to other hand guns, and it's a relatively easy process.

    Eject the magazine and pull the slide back to eject any round in the chamber. Set the ammunition and the magazine aside.

    Pull back the slide. While it's racked back, push in the pin on the right side of the slide and remove the pin that holds the slide in place. Set the pin aside and pull the slide forward, off the rails of the frame.

    Turn over the slide. Remove the spring and the pin and set them aside. Remove the barrel and set it next to the spring and pin. Once all of these parts have been disassembled, the gun has been field stripped.

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