Can You Shoot a Pellet Gun in Your Backyard?

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A pellet gun is an effective teaching tool for beginners to learn about firearms. Many experienced gunners still get much of their practice with an air rifle when they cannot make it to the firearms range. However, in many places regulations covering the pellet gun can be almost as stringent as those covering more lethal weapons.


Backyard air gun shooting has an attraction for many people. They may formally target shoot using the National Rifle Association rules to keep up their firearm skills, and practicing with a pellet gun can be more economical than training with other weapons.


Pellet guns can effectively shoot past 350 yards, according to the BB-Guns website. The pellet carries enough force at that distance to be a danger to people and other objects. A shot gone astray can do unwanted damage to others' property.

Local Laws

Local municipality laws determine whether shooting, or even owning, a pellet gun is legal. Some areas consider a pellet gun in the same category as a firearm for discharging, and prohibit it within the city or town limits. You should check the local laws concerning the use of any type of weapon.


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