How to Lighten the Trigger Pull on a Glock

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What sets a Glock pistol apart from other pistols is the Glock pistol mechanism. Author Robert H. Boatman says, “The revolutionary Glock trigger mechanism is the most radical functional departure from the past.” Most Glocks come with a trigger pull of 5.5 pounds. The exceptions are the Glock competition models, the 9 mm G34 and the .40 caliber G35. These two Glock pistols come standard with a trigger pull of 4.5 pounds. Because of the unique nature of the Glock trigger, the best way to lighten trigger pull is by replacing the connector.

    Remove the magazine and make sure there is not a round in the chamber. Verify that the Glock is unloaded.

    Strip the Glock as you would to clean it, removing the slide, barrel and recoil spring assembly.

    Push the locking block pin (the top of the two pins on the frame) out of the frame with the punch. Push it from the left side to the right.

    Push the slide stop up with one hand and push the trigger pin (the bottom of the two pins in the frame) out of the hand with the punch.

    Remove the slide stop. This should lift out easily using the needle-nosed pliers.

    Push out the trigger housing pin. This pin in towards the rear of the frame. Push out from left to right.

    Remove the trigger housing from the frame. You can use the punch to lift it.

    Push the old connector out of the trigger housing.

    Insert the new connector into place.

    Reassemble your Glock.


    • Before fully reassembling your Glock go ahead and clean it.


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