How to Level Farm Land

How to Level Farm Land

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Items you will need

  • Tractor

  • Lawn roller

  • Water or sand

Crops fair better on flat ground. Leveling is the process of evening out any bumps and holes in a plot of farmland through the use of a heavy tool called a lawn roller. Once the land is flat, the crops can be planted and always will be evenly irrigated due to the leveled land. If you live in an area with clay soil, it is also recommended to consider slightly angling your field toward a runoff point. This ensures that the water will not pool on the land and cause rot issues in the crops.

    Park your tractor a close distance to the lawn roller.

    Install the lawn roller onto the tractor, making sure to follow the manufacturer's guidelines.

    Fill the roller with either water or sand depending on the manufacturer's recommendations. The added weight allows it to put more pressure on the soil.

    Drive the tractor to the field.

    Tow the lawn roller at a speed of three to five miles per hour in straight rows along the farm land. Drive back and forth until the entire field has been covered.


    • Watch out for holes and avoid leveling next to any paved roads.

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