How to Identify Rabbit Poop

How to Identify Rabbit Poop

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Identify rabbit droppings by noting small piles of round, brown scat, about 3/8 inch in diameter. Because they often consume tree bark, rabbits produce brown pellets that appear to be composed of sawdustlike material. Distinguish rabbit poop from rodent poop by noticing the round, rather than tubular, shape. Deer droppings are somewhat similar in shape, but they are larger and often oblong or acorn-shaped.

Time and Place

Rabbits frequent a variety of habitats, including forests, deserts and suburban backyards, so you may find their droppings virtually anywhere. Rabbits deposit their droppings in small piles, usually concentrated near their feeding areas. Often, these areas are near some form of cover, such as a blackberry thicket or an abandoned animal burrow. Because they are most active at dawn and dusk, you are most likely to encounter fresh droppings in the morning. As they are active year-round, you may find rabbit droppings at any time of the year.

Two Types of Poop

In addition to poop, rabbits produce a second type of droppings, known as cecotropes. Cecotropes resemble small, brown, aggregate berries, like mulberries or raspberries. These droppings are not encountered often, because rabbits eat them shortly after depositing them. Instead of feces, cecotropes contain beneficial bacteria, which help the rabbits digest their food and remain healthy.

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