How to Disassemble a Mossberg 835

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Mossberg is the oldest surviving family-owned producer of firearms in the United States. Mossberg started producing .22 caliber rifles in 1919 and later branched out to include shotguns, scopes, and camping and sporting goods. Mossberg has gained a reputation for making quality firearms as well as for gun safety. The Mossberg 835 12-gauge pump action shotgun is popular with hunters and gun enthusiasts alike. The safe operation of any gun includes a periodic cleaning which requires a field disassembly of the gun.

    Engage the safety by moving the switch completely toward the back to the “ON” position.

    Make sure the shotgun is unloaded by checking the magazine tube, the elevator, and the chamber. Remove any shells before disassembling the rifle.

    Move the forearm ahead gradually from the rear position until the front of the bolt is at the center of the ejection opening.

    Turn the magazine cap counter clockwise and remove it. Simultaneously pull out on the barrel in a twisting motion while moving it back and forth until the barrel separates from the receiver.

    Lay the gun on a firm, clean surface with the trigger mechanism facing upward. Push in on the trigger retaining pin (below the trigger guard) with a punch less than 3/16” in diameter. Lift up on the rear of the trigger assembly and remove it.


    • The gun can be cleaned thoroughly after disassembling it using the above methods. Further disassembly of the shotgun should only be performed by a competent gunsmith.


    • After removing the trigger assembly from the gun, do not operate the trigger or you could be injured and cause damage to the assembly.

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