Crosman 760 Pumpmaster Manual Instructions

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Crossman was founded in 1923 with an eye toward producing a line of air guns for target shooting and taking small game. As the company began to grow, associations with other companies -- such as Coleman -- began to emerge. In 2011 the Crossman name is associated with BB and pellet guns, ammunition and products for paintball. The Crossman 760 is a versatile rifle that fires .177 caliber BB's and pellets.

Items you will need

  • Safety glasses

  • .177 caliber BB's

  • .177 caliber pellets

  • Target

Move the safety of the Crossman 760 Pumpmaster to the "safe" position. Slide the safety bolt located under the receiver from the left to the right position.

Lay the 760 down with its left side facing up. Locate the loading port toward the rear of the receiver. Rotate the latch cover up, and pour in .177 caliber BB's. Rotate the latch cover down when finished. Raise and pull back the loading bolt. Push the bolt forward to load one BB for firing.

Clear the visible magazine on top of the rifle of all BB's before loading a pellet. Locate the small slide on the upper rear of the receiver. Pull the slide back to clear BB's from the visible magazine. Raise and pull back the ammo-loading bolt. Place a .177 caliber pellet on the end of the bolt. Push the bolt forward to load the pellet in the barrel.

Release the forend to pump the rifle. Raise and lower the forend at least two times to fire the rifle. Do not fire the rifle with less than two pumps; this might damage to the rifle.

Raise the rifle to your shoulder, release the safety and align the front and rear sights of the 760 with the target. Squeeze the trigger to fire a pellet or BB.


  • Proper precaution should be used as the gun is capable of firing a pellet or BB at high velocities.
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