How to Fieldstrip a Ruger P85 Pistol

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The Ruger P85 semiautomatic pistol is an extremely durable and reliable handgun, with a light but strong aluminum frame and a stainless steel action. Every responsible gun owner should know how to fieldstrip his firearms so they can be properly cleaned and maintained. Follow these easy steps to field strip your P85

Make sure the safety is on and the chamber empty before you begin to fieldstrip your gun.

Pull back the slide until the magazine follower pushes up and locks it in place, then remove the magazine.

Keeping pressure on the slide, insert index finger through the top of the slide and depress the ejector pin until it is locked in the forward position.

Remove your finger from the chamber, depress the slide stop and slowly decrease pressure on the slide so that it slides forward gently, proceeding until the slide stop retainer pin is aligned with the slide stop notch.

Without allowing the slide to go forward, depress the slide stop shaft into the frame.

Pull the slide stop out all the way, release pressure from the slide and remove from frame.

Lift the rear-end of the guide rod and carefully disengage the recoil spring. Remove the guide rod and recoil spring.

Remove the barrel. Fieldstripping is now complete, and further removal of parts not recommended by manufacturer.


  • The recoil spring is under pressure, remove it very carefully. Wipe down the parts to remove any oils that have been transferred from your skin before putting your P85 back together.


  • To reassemble your P85, simply reverse the steps. Check parts for adequate lubrication and presence of rust. A cleaning kit for your gun's specific caliber, in this case 9mm, is always best. Always fieldstrip your firearm in a location where you will not easily lose any parts. Practice fieldstripping your P85 until you can do it almost effortlessly. Being able to quickly clean a firearm is an essential skill.
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