The Best Homemade Saltwater Fish Attractant

The Best Homemade Saltwater Fish Attractant

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Catching saltwater fish is one of the most satisfying fishing activities, because the fish you go after are so active and challenging. Saltwater fish are usually bigger and stronger than freshwater fish. You need bigger and stronger rods to catch saltwater fish and you need certain saltwater baits and lures to catch saltwater fish.


The best way to go after saltwater fish is to scent your lure and your line with a faint tinge of shrimp. Cut shrimp into small pieces and attach it to your lure. But don't stop there. By rubbing the shrimp on your fishing line you will add even more of the scent to the process.

Split Pork

Pork is one of the best baits and attractants when fishing in saltwater. However, there are times when the pork will look unnatural to the fish because the piece you attach to your line is big and thick and doesn't move correctly. Take a razor blade and cut slits in the pork. That will allow it to move in the water and attract more fish.

Red Yarn

This one is so simple that it's hard to believe it works. Attach a piece of red yarn to your hook so that it drapes over the bait. To the fish that sees the bait on the end of the hook, the red yarn will appear to mimic bleeding. Fish that see blood will be more active and try to feed on the bait more readily.

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